Separations could be piling more pressure on housing stock than immigration. Teachers will tell you who they have more of in their classrooms – the victims of broken homes or immigrants.¬†With more than one house a day being built in Hobsonville Point these days, and the trend mirrored across Auckland since the Unitary Plan came alive, the overall slow-down of the market, which started post the Plan’s coming into effect in July of 2016, is based on supply of land now equaling or even outstripping demand. However, most of the homes being built today in Auckland are above average spends – 800k or more. It seems that most hard-working immigrant families are buying into this threshold, but the market is awash with many unfortunately who’s kids now move between two homes. Housing stock in the lower bracket is under pressure either to rent or buy. This has forced rents up, where investors bank on relatively steady capital growth, & can on-sell their investment stock after a few years with increased returns. It seems one side of the political spectrum has almost tried to encourage people to forget lasting happiness and create a govt-dependent voter block. Every time another family separates an extra house is normally required, and their ‘new normal’ family economies are no longer equipped to pay for what they had. These sized and priced houses just aren’t being built even though the land is now available – so the story is really a social crisis more than a housing one. Holistic approaches, not kiwibuild, is needed to empty our motels of in most cases emergency housing beneficiaries -it’s a social crisis indeed. Where Housing NZ are stepping in, is to buy 3,4 & 5 bedroom mostly single level brick homes in existing established neighbourhoods for 800k, 900k and sometime even more. Steps up and handouts are blurred, and so we see this more normalised today than ever before in our nations history – something has to give at some point or it becomes more beneficial to rely on the state and have a 900k house to live in, than work hard and save hard for your first $650k one. Family needs to become our focus to fix this.